Marcelo Gauy

ETH Zürich
Marcelo Gauy
Institut für Theoretische Informatik
CAB J 21.4
Universitätstrasse 6
8092 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 632 26 76

Research Interests

I did my Bachelor in Mathematics and Master in Computer Science at the University of São Paulo. In the end of 2014 I started my PHD in the group of Prof. Angelika Steger with the aim to use my knowledge about mathematics and random graphs to contribute to the field of Computational Neuroscience. The primary goal is understanding how the brain's architecture and design allow it to easily solve complex tasks, like language comprehension, which seem unachievable through current computing paradigms. In particular, I intend to focus on the role of randomness, present in the brain's connections and signal transmissions, to the massive computational and learning capability of the brain.

Publications and Preprints

Optimal Kronecker-Sum Approximation of Real Time Recurrent Learning
(joint with Frederik Benzing, Asier Mujika, Anders Martinsson and Angelika Steger)
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2019

A hippocampal model for behavioral time acquisition and fast bidirectional replay of spatio-temporal memory sequences
(joint work with Haffstein Einarsson, Johannes Lengler, Florian Meier, Felix Weissenberger, Mehmet Fatih Yanik and Angelika Steger)
Frontiers in Neuroscience, Systems Biology, 2018.

On the origin of lognormal network synchrony in CA1
joint work with Haffstein Einarsson, Johannes Lengler, Florian Meier, Asier Mujika, Felix Weissenberger and Angelika Steger
Hippocampus, July 2018

The linear hidden subset problem for the (1+1) EA with scheduled and adaptive mutation rates
(joint work with Haffstein Einarsson, Johannes Lengler, Florian Meier, Asier Mujika, Angelika Steger and Felix Weissenberger)
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO '18), to appear

Voltage dependence of synaptic plasticity is essential for rate based learning with short stimuli
(joint work with Felix Weissenberger, Johannes Lengler, Florian Meier and Angelika Steger)
Nature Scientific Reports, 2018

Team Persuasion
(joint with David Kohan Marzagao, Josh Murphy, Anthony Peter Young, Michael Mordechai Luck, Peter John McBurney and Elizabeth Black)
The 4th International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Formal Argument 2017, August 2017.

A model of fast Hebbian spike latency normalization
(joint with Hafsteinn Einarsson, Johannes Lengler and Angelika Steger)
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, April 2017.

Multiassociative Memory: Recurrent Synapses Increase Storage Capacity
(joint with Florian Meier and Angelika Steger)
Neural Computation 29, 2017, 1375-1405.

Erdős-Ko-Rado for Random Hypergraphs: Asymtoptics and Stability
(joint work with Igor Carboni Oliveira and Hiêp Hàn)
Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 26, 2017, 406-422.