Journal articles

Resilience of Perfect Matchings and Hamiltonicity in Random Graph Processes
R. Nenadov, A. Steger, M. Trujić
Random Structures & Algorithms 54, 797-819

On resilience of connectivity in the evolution of random graphs
L. Haller, M. Trujić
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 26, P2.24

Improved bounds on the multicolor Ramsey numbers of paths and even cycles
C. Knierim, P. Su
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 26, P1.26

Mutual Inhibition with Few Inhibitory Cells via Nonlinear Inhibitory Synaptic Interaction
F. Weissenberger, M. Gauy, X. Zou and A. Steger
Neural Computation 31(11), 2252-2265

Conference proceedings

Optimal Kronecker-Sum Approximation of Real Time Recurrent Learning
F. Benzing*, M. Gauy*, A. Mujika, A. Martinsson and A. Steger
ICML, 2019

Exponential Slowdown for Larger Populations: The (μ+1)-EA on Monotone Functions
J. Lengler and X. Zou
FOGA, 2019

The Maximum Label Propagagtion Algorithm on Sparse Random Graphs
C. Knierim, J. Lengler, P. Pfister, U. Schaller, A. Steger
RANDOM, 2019

Optimal Strategies for Patrolling Fences
B. Haeupler, F. Kuhn, A. Martinsson, K. Petrova, P. Pfister
ICALP, 2019

Workshop articles

Improving Gradient Estimation in Evolutionary Strategies With Past Descent Directions
F. Meier*, A. Mujika*, M. Gauy and A. Steger
Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop at NeurIPS and Workshop on Optimization Foundation for Reinforcement Learning at NeurIPS, 2019