Group Workshop in Buchboden

For one week every year we escape to the wonderful Hotel Kreuz in the small Austrian village of Buchboden and do nothing but work, eat well, and enjoy the nature. Many of our results were obtained during these Buchboden weeks.

Participants 2015

Group Members

Angelika Steger
Karl Bringmann
Hafsteinn Einarsson
Ralph Keusch
Johannes Lengler
Marcelo Matheus Gauy
Florian Meier
Frank Mousset
Rajko Nenadov
Andreas Noever
Pascal Pfister
Nemanja Škorić
Felix Weissenberger

External guests

Fabian Kuhn, University of Freiburg
Konstantinos Panagiotou, University of Munich
Yury Person, Goethe University Frankfurt

Buchboden Papers

Here is a (partial) list of results obtained in Buchboden. The year given is the year in which the corresponding workshop was held.


Labeling Schemes for Nearest Common Ancestors through Minor-Universal Trees
P. Gawrychowski, F. Kuhn, J. Łopuszański, K. Panagiotou, and P. Su



A tight Erdős-Pósa function for long cycles
A. Noever, F. Mousset, N. Škorić, and F. Weissenberger
Long synfire chains emerge by spike-timing dependent plasticity modulated by population activity
F. Weissenberger, F. Meier, J. Lengler, H. Einarsson and A. Steger


Limits of Random Graphs from Subcritical Classes
K. Panagiotou, B. Stufler, and K. Weller
Almost-spanning universality in random graphs
D. Conlon, A. Ferber, R. Nenadov, and N. Škorić


Robust hamiltonicity of random directed graphs
A. Ferber, R. Nenadov, A. Noever, U. Peter, and N. Škorić
In Proceedings of the 10th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA '15), 2015, 1752-1758
Connectivity thresholds for bounded size rules
H. Einarsson, J. Lengler, F. Mousset, K. Panagiotou, and A. Steger
Bootstrap percolation with inhibition
H. Einarsson, J. Lengler, F. Mousset, K. Panagiotou, and A. Steger


Internal DLA: Efficient Simulation of a Physical Growth Model
K. Bringmann, F. Kuhn, K. Panagiotou, U. Peter, and H. Thomas
In Proceedings of the 41th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP '14), 2014, 247-258
A high-capacity model for one shot association learning in the brain
H. Einarsson, J. Lengler, and A. Steger
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience


Random Hyperbolic Graphs: Degree Sequence and Clustering
L. Gugelmann, K. Panagiotou, and U. Peter
In Proceedings of the 39th Int. Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP '12), 2012, 573-585


Explosive percolation in Erdős-Rényi-like random graph processes
K. Panagiotou, R. Spöhel, A. Steger, and H. Thomas
Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 22(1), 2013, 133-145


Synchrony and Asynchrony in Neural Networks
F. Kuhn, J. Spencer, K. Panagiotou, and A. Steger
In Proceedings of the 10th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA '10), 2010, 949-964


Von Neumann and Newman poker with a flip of hand values
N. Bernasconi, J. Lorenz, and R. Spöhel
Discrete Mathematics 311(21), 2011, 2337-2345


Observational learning in random networks
J. Lorenz, M. Marciniszyn, and A. Steger
In Proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference on Learning Theory (COLT '07), 2007, 574-588
Maximizing the Minimum Load for Random Processing Times
S. Gerke, K. Panagiotou, J. Schwartz, and A. Steger
ACM Transactions on Algorithms 11(3), 2015, Article No. 17
On Euclidean Vehicle Routing with Allocation
J. Remy, R. Spöhel, and A. Weißl
Computational Geometry 43(4), 2010, 357-376