Former Ph.D. students

Felix Weissenberger, June 2018
On randomness as a principle of structure and computation in neural networks.
Co-referees: Jean-Pascal Pfister, Institute of Neuroinformatics ETHZ/UZH; Johannes Lengler, ETH Zürich

Ralph Keusch, May 2018
Geometric Inhomogeneous Random Graphs and Graph Coloring Games.
Co-referees: Tobias Friedrich, Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Potsdam; Johannes Lengler, ETH Zürich

Nemanja Škorić, July 2017
Resilience of Random Graphs.
Co-referee: Michael Krivelevich, Tel Aviv University

Frank Mousset, June 2017
Some Problems in Graph Theory and Probability.
Co-referee: József Balogh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hafsteinn Einarsson, May 2017
Fast Emergence of Neural Structures.
Co-referees: Joachim Buhmann, ETH Zürich; Benjamin Grewe, Institute of Neuroinformatics ETHZ/UZH; Johannes Lengler, ETH Zürich

Andreas Noever, October 2016
Online Ramsey Games and Some Classical Problems in Graph Theory.
Co-referee: Oleg Pikhurko, University of Warwick

Rajko Nenadov, May 2016
Ramsey and Universality Properties of Random Graphs.
Co-referee: Michael Krivelevich, Tel Aviv University

Ueli Peter, August 2014
Random Graph Models for Complex Systems.
Co-referees: Benjamin Doerr, École Polytechnique Paris; Konstantinos Panagiotou, LMU München

Luca Gugelmann, August 2013
Ramsey properties of random graphs and hypergraphs.
Co-referee: Mathias Schacht, Universität Hamburg

Henning Thomas, March 2013
Aspects of Games on Random Graphs.
Co-referee: Benjamin Doerr, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken

Christoph Krautz, January 2012
On Principles of Cortical Computation.
Co-referee: Matthew Cook, Rodney Douglas, University of Zurich/ETH

Florian Jug, January 2012
On Competition and Learning in Cortical Structures.
Co-referee: Matthew Cook, Kevan Martin, University of Zurich/ETH; Piotr Dudek, University of Manchester

Torsten Mütze, November 2011
Ramsey Games in Random Graphs.
Co-referee: József Balogh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Reto Spöhel, February 2010
On the power of choices in random graph processes.
Co-referee: Michael Krivelevich, Tel Aviv University

Rico Zenklusen, December 2008
Combinatorial Methods for Analysing Network Security and Reliability.
Co-referees: Komei Fukuda, ETH Zürich; Friedrich Eisenbrand, EPF Lausanne

Julian Lorenz, April 2008
Optimal Trading Algorithms: Portfolio Transactions, Multiperiod Portfolio Selection, and Competitive Online Search.
Co-referees: Hans-Jakob Lüthi, ETH Zürich; Robert Almgren, New York University

Konstantinos Panagiotou, April 2008,
Colorability Properties of Random Graphs.
Co-referee: Joel Spencer, New York University

Jan Remy, June 2007,
Approximation Schemes for Geometric Problems.
Co-referee: Satish Rao, UC Berkeley; Subhash Suri, UC Santa Barbara

Andreas Weißl, February 2007,
Random Graphs with Structural Constraints.
Co-referee: Marc Noy, UPC Barcelona

Martin Marciniszyn, July 2006,
Ramsey and Turan Type Problems in Random Graphs.
Co-referee: Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, U Sao Paulo

Alexander Souza, February 2006,
Average Performance Analysis.
Co-referee: Martin Skutella, U Dortmund.

Thomas Schickinger, January 2003,
Complete Subgraphs of Random Graphs.
Co-referee: Hans Jürgen Prömel, HU Berlin

Ulrich Voll, February 2002,
Treshhold Phenomena in Branching Trees and Sparse Random Graphs.
Co-referee: Andreas Goerdt, TU Chemnitz

Mark Scharbrodt, December 2000,
Produktionsplanung in der Prozessindustrie: Modelle, effiziente Algorithmen und Umsetzung.
Co-referee: Horst Weisser, TU München